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We can offer a diverse range of electronic products for solutions to suit most applications.

Our focus is also to design and manufacture and offer solutions for clients who cannot find an "off-the-shelf" product.


Energy SavingOWL - wireless electricity meter , with USB facility, 2-year memory

Ever wondered how much electricity you are using and how much it is costing ? Display in KW and cost/hour.

This wireless electricity meter indicates your usage in KWh and the cost of the electricity.

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Shower Saver

Energy Saving Shower Saver - electricity saving device for all domestic and industrial applications

This device will pay for itself by saving you up to 75% of your electricity and water used for showers

Have you a household where your family spends 20-minutes in the shower each day ? Then this is the device for you. The system is electronic and is totally automatic, is supplied complete and ready for installation. Fully South African designed and manufactured.

The unit will pay for itself over and over again, especially with the current Eskom 35% price increase due every year for the next three years.

Only requires a plumber to install, this should be only a 30-minute task.

Export and sole distributor enquiries ONLY at this stage.

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Energy Saving GeyserWise - electricity saving device for your domestic or industrial geyser

Save up to 45% of your electricty bill by installing this energy saving device

Control and monitor your hot water geyser from the palm of your hand

Easy installation, full remote digital display, over-ride function

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Vantage PRO

Weather Station Vantage PRO Weather Station Wind

Introducing the first weather station in its price range to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio to transmit and receive data up to 300M line of sight. Three times farther than competing stations!

Many standard features and options available - temperature, atmosphereic pressure, humidity, anenometer, solar radiation, rain gauge, UV radiation, tripod, mounting shelves, PC software for remote monitoring.

Official product and used for Beijing Oylpmic Games

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We can offer a wide range of UPS products from EATON POWER from 500VA through to 800KVA in single and parallel redundancy configurations and up to 4,800KVA in parallel capacity.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring
DigiTire TPMS - electronic and wireless tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system for cars, 4x4's, trucks and buses

Use this easy to install device for both 2x4 and 4x4 4-wheel, 6-wheel, 12-wheel as standard for the truck system and other vehicles up to 24-wheels, including the spare.

Second to diesel costs truck and bus tyres are the second highest operating cost in running a fleet.

Use this high-tech designed and manufactured system to monitor both tyre temperature and pressure. All data is transmitted from a coded transmiter unique to each tyre, via a 433Mhz radio signal, to a dash mounted display unit. An optional extra allows the unit to send SMS alarms to the user.

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GSM Telemetry GSM Telemetry Systems for Industrial and Domestic Applications

Use this easy to install product to allow full monitoring of a remote or unmaned site, or when premises are locked up for the night, whether it be a domestic or industrial application.

Simple user defined SMS messages sent upon alarm conditions to either a cellphone or a central base ststion unit using contact closure or HIGH/LOW alarm levels for analog inputs - temperature, flow, pressure, voltage, security systems, computer rooms, generators, UPS's. Outputs switched ON/OFF/Pulsed using password protected commands. Sold complete with high gain GSM antenna.

Can be sold complete with IP-65 enclosure, re-charegeable battery and charger. Easy text message and number user-configuration. The Dragon product, picture bottom left, has a free web interface for configuration.

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Power Trolley

Emergency Power Portable Emergency Power - Power Trolley 1548

Power failures provide an endless ource of worry. Using this product you have portable power on hand.

Can be recharged from the mains supply, solar or wind power.

Easy, portable, "Plug and Play", no installation or commissioning

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static switch

static switch

Static Switches Standby Power - Static Switches (1Ø and 3Ø)

This device switches electronically between the mains supply and alternative energy sources, either manually switched or automatically in the event of a power failure

Available in load capacity from 10amp thro 100amp in single phase and 15amp thro 600amp in 3-phase

Useful to automatically switch between two sources of power without a break

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Long range RS-232 control and monitoring via GSM/GPRS - a "virtual" RS-232 cable

Using this device you can connect your RS-232 device, located anywhere in the world (within a GPRS network), to your PC - wherever you are. Like "PC Anywhere" but for RS-232 devices.

Whilst a standard RS-232 cable connection is limited to +/-25M communication using the RLOG the range is almost limitless. Durban to London ???

"It's like a very long virtual RS-232 cable"

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Ever wanted to take time lapse photographs and create your own time lapse videos

Using this device you can connect your DSLR and take the photographs you want at intervals from 1-second to 99-hours.

The unit also features manual, bulb and sound or light trigger.

The experts call it an INTERVALOMETER but we think that a simple interval timer description is more applicable

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